Sales Funnels Are They Your Ideal Solution?

The Sales Funnels Hype

Sales funnels seem to be everywhere you look online these days. They are touted as the holy grail of earning income online.

Russell Brunson is considered the father of Sales Funnels.

You’ve probably heard of Click Funnels.

Perhaps you’ve heard his tag line about funnels too.

“You are only one funnel away.”

Meaning that you are only one funnel away from success.

Sales Funnels Visual
One Of Your Customers In Your Sales Funnel


Brunson certainly exemplifies the success of sales funnels with his Click Funnels software that has over 50,000 members and is a 1 billion dollar business.

However, all this good news is modified by one simple consideration.

For a sales funnel or marketing funnel to work, it requires that you invest money into your funnel.

Without your investment commitment, your income from a sales funnel is basically nil.

You can’t have a return on investment if you don’t invest.

What Kind of Investment Does a Sales or Marketing Funnel Require?

Fruit Somoothie Funnel
How about a fruit smoothie funnel

Before I can really answer that you need to know that you can create a sales funnel for virtually any product any niche. For each, the investment is going to be different.

In our niche, internet marketing, a funnel might be made up of the things people need to succeed in marketing. They are usually affiliate programs, so you make money if people join your funnel.

The funnel might start off with a program that teaches people more about marketing, and it also includes an autoresponder program, a tracking program, a leads or traffic program, a strong growth company like a lifestyle or health-based MLM and perhaps another program that can help you incentivize your customers.

Putting together your own funnel can be intimidating and technical so it is easier and a lot less expensive to tap into someone else’s expertise and use their funnel.

Sometimes you need to buy the funnel or sometimes you invest in the affiliate programs within the funnel.

Either way, it requires you to lay out some money often on a monthly basis.

Then when you promote the funnel which now has the affiliate links you receive commissions from the programs they sign up to. Much of this is in the form of recurring income.

Funnel Example

As an example in the funnelxroi, I promote (You can check it out by clicking on the banner to the left.)   This funnel promotes Easy1up, Now lifestyle, Clickmagic,  Davids own Payperlead program, and Advertising Bost.

Easy1up you break even on the first Sale, Now Lifestyle you break even on two sales.  Clickmagic pays 35 percent recurring commissions.  Pay per lead pays One dollar per lead.  Advertising Boast helps build residual commissions and gives you the ability to give away free vacations.

So Last year I promoted Funnelxproject and got a few signups to Aweber autoresponder and click Magic Now I am making over 200 a month residually not even with any new sales.   Good but maybe not enough to buy that new Lexus you’ve always wanted.  But just hang on a minute.

Say there are another 4 programs in the funnel. The one I promote has five programs, all with commission programs. Some pay monthly, some have payouts at certain levels, some are instant commissions. If I’ve managed to sign up ten people that went all in and bought all the programs,  you are now looking at a significant income, 4 to 5oo dollars a month. Now getting that Lexus on a lease looks like a possibility.

But that only works if IF IF! You’ve also bought the programs in the funnel.

If you didn’t buy the programs in the funnel, nada…not a cent…nore are you ever going to make a cent.

Now I spend much of my time reaching out to the people who sign up for my funnel, to help them get set up in the funnel properly.

This is where Zig Ziglar comes in.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

Helping my people get set up so they can earn money to spend on what they want helps me do the same.

Okay, so that’s the direct investment in a funnel.

Now You Have the Funnel You Need to Promote It

Promoting Your Funnel

In the previous section, I gave examples of how a sales funnel produces income and why you need to invest in the programs in the funnels you promote.

We talked about the serious money that could start to flow, however, the money doesn’t flow if you don’t promote your funnel.

This falls under sending traffic to your funnel offer.

You have several ways to do this. For the purpose of this post, I’m just going to do a basic outline of your options.


Sending traffic through high converting safelists and mailers.

Many people mistakenly think of this as “free traffic’, but even if you haven’t upgraded in the safe list and mailers there is all the work of clicking links to earn credits. What dollar amount do you put on an hour of your time?

But mailing to anything other than high converting safe list and mailers, (See My List of High Converting Mailers that work for me.) mean you are sending junk traffic, (traffic that doesn’t convert which is simply a waste of your time and may get you in trouble with the owner of the funnel.

Paid Solo Ads 

This is one of the easiest paid services to buy, especially if you are a newcomer. They get results and you can control your costs with precision.

I recommend Udimi because they rank their solo ad sellers, and they protect you when you purchase a solo ad that the seller for some reason can’t deliver. This is rare but you are protected.

You should be able to find a good solo seller at around 35 cents per click, and you can buy solo ads in increments of 50, 100, or more.

The site is easy to use and you and buy as many or as few ads as you like.

This is my main source of advertising for my funnel.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Facebook Ads

You can buy highly targeted ads at Facebook. However, this is for the more experienced marketer who has done their due diligence studying the best way to promote through Facebook.

Bing and Google Ads

I’ve heard good things about Bing Ads. They are less expensive than mainstream Google. However, there is a steep learning curve.  Again reading and asking for help is the best way to get these ads to work for you.

Reinvesting In Your Sales Funnels

REinvesting in your funnelOkay so let’s say you got rolling with your Funnel and done some limited promoting through safelists and mailers and you’ve tried a few solo ads. You’re getting excited about the income you are generating. You’ve started to think of ways to spend that money…retire some bills, invest in a new computer, buy a better car.

Hold on. Not so fast.

You want to start reinvesting that income back into buying traffic for your funnel. This is how you scale your business. By purchasing larger solo ad runs, or putting more money into other ads, you begin to expand that income and grow your business.

Look at Warren Buffet, he doesn’t just take all his money and spend it on fancy cars, and nice homes. He reinvests his money in new companies he’s researched. In fact, Warren Buffet for all his wealth has a very modest lifestyle and lives in a relatively inexpensive home. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy his wealth it’s just that his eye is constantly on growing his business.

Now I’m not saying that investing in a funnel will make you as wealthy as Warren Buffet, but I hope you get the importance of reinvesting in your funnel.

Should you invest all the income from your funnel back into advertising your funnel?

Save a little reinvest a lot
Save 10%

Here I will only mention the prevailing wisdom of saving 10% of everything you make…AKA The Wealthy Barber.

It depends on how fast you want to grow your income.


The title of this post asked a question: Sales Funnels are they your ideal solution?

I’ve laid out the cost involved in a funnel both the programs and the investment in buying traffic to send to your funnel.

If you are willing to commit consistent time, energy and money then investing in a funnel then you have your answer.

If you don’t have the money to invest right now, or if you are just playing around online for something to do, then investing in a funnel isn’t for you.

Do you think investing in a funnel is for you?

Click on the Banner Below and check out the one I am using.


© Kerri Foster 2018


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