How to Post to Instagram from Your Computer

How to Post to Instagram from Your Computer

The Nightmare

Instagram nightmareInstagram is a social media platform designed for smartphones. So posting from your phone is pretty straightforward. However, if you want to do anything fancy then you need editing apps and so forth. Since I’ve been using a couple of tools to do all my posting to Facebook and other social media, tools I am familiar with, I wanted to find a way to post to Instagram from my Computer.

The learning curve and all that with older brain cells.

So thanks to Fred Raley and a little research and some playing around I learned to post on Instagram using my computer.

When I got it, it was like water breaking over a dam.


Picture Basics

First off, each social media platform likes to use their own “preferred” pixel size. It’s okay don’t panic I’m going to show you a workaround that’s pretty foolproof. Even for this one.

For Instagram its a 1080 X 1080 pixels. Which is a large square photo.

See for yourself here.

So, when you’re posting to Instagram you need to resize your photos to the requirements.

Do I love resizing pictures?


I have a brilliant workaround you are going to love.

The First Weapon in Your  Arsenal

Google ChromeIts called Chrome, the Chrome browser that has more extensions than Selena Gomez.

To post to Instagram we are going to use a couple of those extensions. These will blow your mind.

As far as I could tell Firefox doesn’t have the same capacity.

I use two extensions:

Pablo and

Desktop for Instagram.

You just type in the extension you want in the search bar then add it to the Chrome Extensions bar and the top right-hand corner of your computer screen. See the screenshot below.

Chrome Extensions bar

Do you begin to get the picture? Oops sorry about the pun.


Pablo is an offshoot of Buffer the social media posting platform. In order to make posting through Buffer to social media easier, they need an app that would allow you to upload photos and resize them to the right dimensions for that social platform. But they also wanted to make it easy for you to add a headline to the photo or add a quote.

The screenshot below shows you the picture uploaded from Pixabay (a great source for free photos), using the Instagram size with the blue check mark.  The quote is added in then saved and downloaded to your computer.

screenshot of the Pablo dashboard


Pablo also has a selection of photos to use as well. So it’s easy to find a photo upload it to Pablo add a quote or a title or an ad.

It also gives you font size and text color options.

Once you have your image the way you want it, download the image and save it to a file in your computer.

Next Step Your Desktop for Instagram.

You have your photo for the post ready.

Now you click on the Instagram logo in your Chrome extensions toolbar.

You will see something like this:

Instagram extension

The plus sign at the center bottom is what you click to add your post. You will be asked to find the photo you want to upload.
Then you click next and you are taken to a screen where you can add your comment. It’s important to add something about what you are posting.

Click post and you are done.

That’s my solution for making it simple to post from your computer to Instagram.

I’m sure it’s not the only solution out there.

How to do you post to Instagram?

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