Improve Your Safelist Results With These 3 Simple Actions

Improve Your Safelist Results With These 3 Simple Actions

We should always be looking for ways to improve our safelist results. 

We want to see a bigger return on our investment which in the case of safelists and mailers often means the work of reading ads so we can qualify to send out mailings. 

Action One: Write Short Emails  

Make it a brief statement that catches the reader’s attention so they will want to click the link.

Readers are looking for the link that will allow them to collect credits. There are not interested in your brilliantly crafted email.

If the email is too long they may will hit delete and move on.

Remember there is no shortage of emails to read to collect credits.

Want visits to your landing page: Keep it short.

The email below is a good example of keeping it short.


If you’ve been struggling to earn your first commission online, then you need a proven marketing funnel.
This funnel has multiple streams of income on the back-end, so can add-up into a serious commission generator.
It’s completely newbie friendly and you could make your very first sale, as soon as tonight!
Take action on this page…
Best wishes,
Kerri Foster
Internet Marketing Specialist

Action Two: Use A Lead Capture Page To Improve Your Safelist Results

It’s called a lead capture page because the potential subscriber gives his name and email to get what you are offering.

Below is an example of an LCP (lead capture page) I use to capture names.

I use Duel Squeeze or Landing Page Monkey to create my splash pages. The one above was done with Duel Squeeze.  Duel Squeeze builds your list and leverages the efforts of others.  Anyone who uses it it that signs up under you, you will get their signups as well to your list.

Action Three: Use the Filter Function at Gmail.

To improve your safelist results, even more, use filters.Most safelists and mailers insist you use a Gmail address.

Gmail makes it easy to setup and use filters.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about I’ve included a good tutorial Youtube Video I made  to show you how it’s done.

How to Use Filters in Gmail.


To keep further improving your safelist results I use Referral Frenzy to speed up sending out my emails.

Referral Frenzy is a huge marketing tool that will allow you to get results from your marketing campaigns.  You will get tons of advertising along with the ability to assign credits to your safelists and traffic exchanges without having to log in.  You will also be able to send out mail to over 130 mailers all at the same time. This tools saves me countless hours of time and is a must-have in your business arsenal.  

Click the Banner below to sign up for this essential tool Referral Frenzy.

referral Frenzy

What actions do you take to improve your results with safelists and mailers?

I am currently using a funnel called Funnel X Project.  This funnel is set up to help me earn from four different income streams at one time.  It builds your list first then has video directions in it to help people to set it up.  It also makes sales for you with a video sales presentation built in.  This system is currently making sales for me daily.  You have nothing to lose give it a try today.  The funnel itself is worth $999.00 Get the Funnel for Free Today!!!

For tips on how to set up your funnel you can read my article

5 Simple Marketing Funnel Mistakes New Marketers Make



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