Sales Funnels Are They Your Ideal Solution?

The Sales Funnels Hype

Sales funnels seem to be everywhere you look online these days. They are touted as the holy grail of earning income online.

Russell Brunson is considered the father of Sales Funnels.

You’ve probably heard of Click Funnels.

Perhaps you’ve heard his tag line about funnels too.

“You are only one funnel away.”

Meaning that you are only one funnel away from success.

Sales Funnels Visual
One Of Your Customers In Your Sales Funnel


Brunson certainly exemplifies the success of sales funnels with his Click Funnels software that has over 50,000 members and is a 1 billion dollar business.

However, all this good news is modified by one simple consideration.

For a sales funnel or marketing funnel to work, it requires that you invest money into your funnel.

Without your investment commitment, your income from a sales funnel is basically nil.

You can’t have a return on investment if you don’t invest.

What Kind of Investment Does a Sales or Marketing Funnel Require?

Fruit Somoothie Funnel
How about a fruit smoothie funnel

Before I can really answer that you need to know that you can create a sales funnel for virtually any product any niche. For each, the investment is going to be different.

In our niche, internet marketing, a funnel might be made up of the things people need to succeed in marketing. They are usually affiliate programs, so you make money if people join your funnel.

The funnel might start off with a program that teaches people more about marketing, and it also includes an autoresponder program, a tracking program, a leads or traffic program, a strong growth company like a lifestyle or health-based MLM and perhaps another program that can help you incentivize your customers.

Putting together your own funnel can be intimidating and technical so it is easier and a lot less expensive to tap into someone else’s expertise and use their funnel.

Sometimes you need to buy the funnel or sometimes you invest in the affiliate programs within the funnel.

Either way, it requires you to lay out some money often on a monthly basis.

Then when you promote the funnel which now has the affiliate links you receive commissions from the programs they sign up to. Much of this is in the form of recurring income.

Funnel Example

As an example in the funnelxroi, I promote (You can check it out by clicking on the banner to the left.)   This funnel promotes Easy1up, Now lifestyle, Clickmagic,  Davids own Payperlead program, and Advertising Bost.

Easy1up you break even on the first Sale, Now Lifestyle you break even on two sales.  Clickmagic pays 35 percent recurring commissions.  Pay per lead pays One dollar per lead.  Advertising Boast helps build residual commissions and gives you the ability to give away free vacations.

So Last year I promoted Funnelxproject and got a few signups to Aweber autoresponder and click Magic Now I am making over 200 a month residually not even with any new sales.   Good but maybe not enough to buy that new Lexus you’ve always wanted.  But just hang on a minute.

Say there are another 4 programs in the funnel. The one I promote has five programs, all with commission programs. Some pay monthly, some have payouts at certain levels, some are instant commissions. If I’ve managed to sign up ten people that went all in and bought all the programs,  you are now looking at a significant income, 4 to 5oo dollars a month. Now getting that Lexus on a lease looks like a possibility.

But that only works if IF IF! You’ve also bought the programs in the funnel.

If you didn’t buy the programs in the funnel, nada…not a cent…nore are you ever going to make a cent.

Now I spend much of my time reaching out to the people who sign up for my funnel, to help them get set up in the funnel properly.

This is where Zig Ziglar comes in.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

Helping my people get set up so they can earn money to spend on what they want helps me do the same.

Okay, so that’s the direct investment in a funnel.

Now You Have the Funnel You Need to Promote It

Promoting Your Funnel

In the previous section, I gave examples of how a sales funnel produces income and why you need to invest in the programs in the funnels you promote.

We talked about the serious money that could start to flow, however, the money doesn’t flow if you don’t promote your funnel.

This falls under sending traffic to your funnel offer.

You have several ways to do this. For the purpose of this post, I’m just going to do a basic outline of your options.


Sending traffic through high converting safelists and mailers.

Many people mistakenly think of this as “free traffic’, but even if you haven’t upgraded in the safe list and mailers there is all the work of clicking links to earn credits. What dollar amount do you put on an hour of your time?

But mailing to anything other than high converting safe list and mailers, (See My List of High Converting Mailers that work for me.) mean you are sending junk traffic, (traffic that doesn’t convert which is simply a waste of your time and may get you in trouble with the owner of the funnel.

Paid Solo Ads 

This is one of the easiest paid services to buy, especially if you are a newcomer. They get results and you can control your costs with precision.

I recommend Udimi because they rank their solo ad sellers, and they protect you when you purchase a solo ad that the seller for some reason can’t deliver. This is rare but you are protected.

You should be able to find a good solo seller at around 35 cents per click, and you can buy solo ads in increments of 50, 100, or more.

The site is easy to use and you and buy as many or as few ads as you like.

This is my main source of advertising for my funnel.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Facebook Ads

You can buy highly targeted ads at Facebook. However, this is for the more experienced marketer who has done their due diligence studying the best way to promote through Facebook.

Bing and Google Ads

I’ve heard good things about Bing Ads. They are less expensive than mainstream Google. However, there is a steep learning curve.  Again reading and asking for help is the best way to get these ads to work for you.

Reinvesting In Your Sales Funnels

REinvesting in your funnelOkay so let’s say you got rolling with your Funnel and done some limited promoting through safelists and mailers and you’ve tried a few solo ads. You’re getting excited about the income you are generating. You’ve started to think of ways to spend that money…retire some bills, invest in a new computer, buy a better car.

Hold on. Not so fast.

You want to start reinvesting that income back into buying traffic for your funnel. This is how you scale your business. By purchasing larger solo ad runs, or putting more money into other ads, you begin to expand that income and grow your business.

Look at Warren Buffet, he doesn’t just take all his money and spend it on fancy cars, and nice homes. He reinvests his money in new companies he’s researched. In fact, Warren Buffet for all his wealth has a very modest lifestyle and lives in a relatively inexpensive home. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy his wealth it’s just that his eye is constantly on growing his business.

Now I’m not saying that investing in a funnel will make you as wealthy as Warren Buffet, but I hope you get the importance of reinvesting in your funnel.

Should you invest all the income from your funnel back into advertising your funnel?

Save a little reinvest a lot
Save 10%

Here I will only mention the prevailing wisdom of saving 10% of everything you make…AKA The Wealthy Barber.

It depends on how fast you want to grow your income.


The title of this post asked a question: Sales Funnels are they your ideal solution?

I’ve laid out the cost involved in a funnel both the programs and the investment in buying traffic to send to your funnel.

If you are willing to commit consistent time, energy and money then investing in a funnel then you have your answer.

If you don’t have the money to invest right now, or if you are just playing around online for something to do, then investing in a funnel isn’t for you.

Do you think investing in a funnel is for you?

Click on the Banner Below and check out the one I am using.


© Kerri Foster 2018


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How to Post to Instagram from Your Computer

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The Nightmare

Instagram nightmareInstagram is a social media platform designed for smartphones. So posting from your phone is pretty straightforward. However, if you want to do anything fancy then you need editing apps and so forth. Since I’ve been using a couple of tools to do all my posting to Facebook and other social media, tools I am familiar with, I wanted to find a way to post to Instagram from my Computer.

The learning curve and all that with older brain cells.

So thanks to Fred Raley and a little research and some playing around I learned to post on Instagram using my computer.

When I got it, it was like water breaking over a dam.


Picture Basics

First off, each social media platform likes to use their own “preferred” pixel size. It’s okay don’t panic I’m going to show you a workaround that’s pretty foolproof. Even for this one.

For Instagram its a 1080 X 1080 pixels. Which is a large square photo.

See for yourself here.

So, when you’re posting to Instagram you need to resize your photos to the requirements.

Do I love resizing pictures?


I have a brilliant workaround you are going to love.

The First Weapon in Your  Arsenal

Google ChromeIts called Chrome, the Chrome browser that has more extensions than Selena Gomez.

To post to Instagram we are going to use a couple of those extensions. These will blow your mind.

As far as I could tell Firefox doesn’t have the same capacity.

I use two extensions:

Pablo and

Desktop for Instagram.

You just type in the extension you want in the search bar then add it to the Chrome Extensions bar and the top right-hand corner of your computer screen. See the screenshot below.

Chrome Extensions bar

Do you begin to get the picture? Oops sorry about the pun.


Pablo is an offshoot of Buffer the social media posting platform. In order to make posting through Buffer to social media easier, they need an app that would allow you to upload photos and resize them to the right dimensions for that social platform. But they also wanted to make it easy for you to add a headline to the photo or add a quote.

The screenshot below shows you the picture uploaded from Pixabay (a great source for free photos), using the Instagram size with the blue check mark.  The quote is added in then saved and downloaded to your computer.

screenshot of the Pablo dashboard


Pablo also has a selection of photos to use as well. So it’s easy to find a photo upload it to Pablo add a quote or a title or an ad.

It also gives you font size and text color options.

Once you have your image the way you want it, download the image and save it to a file in your computer.

Next Step Your Desktop for Instagram.

You have your photo for the post ready.

Now you click on the Instagram logo in your Chrome extensions toolbar.

You will see something like this:

Instagram extension

The plus sign at the center bottom is what you click to add your post. You will be asked to find the photo you want to upload.
Then you click next and you are taken to a screen where you can add your comment. It’s important to add something about what you are posting.

Click post and you are done.

That’s my solution for making it simple to post from your computer to Instagram.

I’m sure it’s not the only solution out there.

How to do you post to Instagram?

I also wrote an article about how to set up your profile on Instagram.

Click here to read Four Instagram Profile Tips To Grab More Attention

© Kerri Foster





Four Instagram Profile Tips To Grab More Attention

instagram logo

Before I talk about Instagram profile tips I wanted to give you a few facts about Instagram as an important part of your business online.

Instagram Facts

instagram logo More than 8 million profiles on Instagram are business profiles.

Our community has grown to 800 million, with 500 million using it every day.

77.6 million Instagram users are from the US.

Source: 25 Instagram Facts You Want to Know 

Read the article if you want more, I just wanted to tease you with the power of this social media platform and to get you thinking about using its unique character to promote your business and generate more leads.

Now that I have your attention lets talk about getting the all-important profile set up.


Instagram Profile Tip # 1 Make Your Profile/Bio Vertical.

Instagram Verticle profile


I picked this out to show you how your profile should look. The biggest reason for the verticle layout is that 99% of all Instagram users access the platform from their phone.

This example is of a horizontal profile. Notices how it stretches across the page and doesn’t look as crisp and sharp as the first example.Instagram horizontal profile.

Important Tip

You can only create a verticle profile by editing from your desktop or laptop computer.

Instagram Profile Tip # 2 Use Emojis

Emojis add color and style to your profile as well as help tell your story.

To add emojis to your profile when you edit right click your mouse and you will see the emoji at the top of the window. Click to bring up the emojis. Use ones that add color and help illustrate what you are all about.

Instagram emojis example

Notice his use of emojis. Sun rising over a mountain, a spiritual icon, a rainbow, symbol of hope.  A pen for an editor and a book for a writer and so on.  You help tell your story with emojis.

Compare the profile above to this one that didn’t use emojis.

Instagram profile no emojis

Notice how flat this is compared to the one above. There is no color to help the profile standout and no way to accent the profile.

Instagram Profile Tip # 3 Use a Domain Related to Your Profile

Domain nameThis is an important point. Don’t send your followers to something that doesn’t fit with your profile. If you are branding yourself as a marketer then you should send your followers to a site that is about marketing. That would be your blog or a lead capture pain where they can get an ebook on some subject to do with marketing.

If you send them instead to a site about personal health, you lose credibility and possible leads.

You should not send people to replicate websites. If you are in an MLM then don’t use your replicated site. Use a blog or create a domain around the subject of the MLM.

You want a clickable link to appear under your last line of profile which is your call to action.

Important tip.

Don’t try to add a link below your call to action. It will not be clickable.  Instead, use the box in your profile that asks for a link. This will be clickable and the link appears as the last line under your profile.

Instagram Profile Tip #4 Always Include a Call to Action

Call to Action I’m only just beginning to explore the use of Instagram to generate leads for my business. I know marketers who are generating thousands of leads a month.

The only way you can get those leads is to include a call to action. This is a next step you want your followers to take. This could be a lead magnet you are offering like an ebook which you send them free in return for their name and email address.

You can also offer a video tip, a cheatsheet about your niche, a newsletter, or an email series. No matter what it is you want them to take that next action so you can capture them for your list.  You want to get them into your funnel.


Instagram is a potent social media platform for the internet marketer that wants to extend their reach and find new sources of followers and leads for their business.

Following the four basic steps outlined above will help you target the right audience, capture new followers and ultimately grow your list and your sales.

A little time to get set up correctly now will pay off as you see your following on Instagram build.

Want more information on this topic get your Free Instagram Bible Here. 

Learn how to get tons of free traffic using Instagram.  




My 3 Biggest Time Wasters Online

My 3 biggest time wasters online I’m sure overlap with yours. I’m also sure you might have different ones than me. Right now as I write it is the height of summer, think beach, barbeques, and family gatherings. That’s enough distraction for anyone.

One of my big “why’s” for working online is the fact that I get to spend more time with my family. Which in turn creates my single biggest time waster online.

1 Time Wasters Online: Family

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. That’s why it’s the biggest distraction from my online business.  My house has always been the local drop-in center for the neighborhood.

So getting work done from home can be a huge challenge.

I have several solutions for this. My hope is that one or two of them will work for you.

Family chaosI actually work, amid the chaos.  Some people suggest a separate room, such as a home office that is off limits, but I found that didn’t work for me. Since people in my house would just come find me and claim I am  ignoring then.

Instead, I work around what is happening in the home and I get most of my work done in the evening when the volume of traffic in my home trails off. That’s when I settle in to build my online business.

Now if only driving traffic to my online business was as easy to get as the traffic volume in and out of my house!

My other solution for getting things done in my busy household is to set very specific goals for the day.

I pick one to three tasks I intend to get done and focus on those things.

When my grandaughter manages to spill ice cream on my shirt it’s a quick clean up and back to work.

I’ve trained myself to stay focused even amid the chaos. It’s a great skill to develop if you work from home.

Of course, the other solution is to shut yourself away in your home office, door closed and barricaded.

For me, I love the randomity and I feel like the queen spider at the center of her web.

2 Time Wasters Online: Email.

Any store owner will tell you the most beautiful sound is the ca-ching of the cash register as one more sale gets recorded. Of course, it is a little different online.

There is the PayPal email notification, someone  just sent you money, or you have a new referral. They are all the equivalent of ca-ching of the cash register.

Then there is the need to see what new offers someone has sent, while you  were working on your project.

There is of course, “Did you (fill in your name) answer my email?”

And since we now have attention spans less than that of a goldfish, let me see what’s new in the email.

too mush email A Canadian study suggests we spend 17 hours a week reading, responding and sending emails.

That’s one blog post or more.

How many safelist and mailer emails can you send it that time.? That’s work advertising your business offers.

How many personal conversations with clients? Five or Six?

Furthermore, how much quicker would project x get done if you invested that time in project work?

Here’s some solution for constant email checking.

Turn off email notifications! That’s the number one solution.

Resolve firmly to check your emails twice or three times a day. Schedule this.

I like to check emails first thing in the morning before I start my scheduled tasks for the day. I also check them as I sign off for the day.

What works best for you?

Put in the discipline and use all that extra time to work on your top project.

3 Time wasters online: Social Media

Checking social media is like getting caught up in a Florida sinkhole, there is no bottom in sight.

Recently MediaKit did a study on how much time we spend on social media. It’s a great article:

Click here to read it: HOW MUCH TIME DO WE SPEND ON SOCIAL MEDIA? (Lots of awesome graphics.)

I’m as guilty as the next girl checking Facebook for research…but there is a post by a friend of mine with a cute cat video which is so cute you just have to watch. Right below it is a post from another friend with a great quote, and below that is a….you get the picture. Before long an hour has escaped and that research…”What was I looking for again?”

Also, limit the number to social media platforms you visit or use. It’s better to work with one or two effectively than to spread yourself thinly over 4 or 5 platforms.

(Currently, I am researching Instagram. Watch for an article soon.)

Last week I talked about Four Hot YouTube Marketing Benefits


There are many more time wasters online, these are just my top three.

I can be much more productive by following my own suggestions that are included here. They aren’t difficult to put into action,  just simple awareness.

So. while sneaking off to a movie with the girlfriends on a hot summer afternoon and indulging in ice cream afterward isn’t recommended it’s okay once in a while. Right?

However, understanding what you could be doing with that wasted time is a very good motivator to institute some of the time savers I suggested here.

Now I’m going to ask you to be truthful…what are your biggest time wasters online?

Three Essential Elements For List Building

List Building activities

List building is the centerpiece of all your business activities online.  You’ve heard all the arguments about this, all the reasons why you need to do this. Yet! Nathalie Lussier really hits home with the quote below.

“List building is like flossing… you know it’s good for you, but you don’t always feel like doing it.”

Source: Nathalie Lussier

So like flossing, you need to make list building a habit. It’s not difficult either.

There are only three essential elements for this building which I am outlining here. Get these elements performing for you and list building becomes second nature, just like flossing.

The First Essential List Building Element: Capturing Name and Email Address

Without floss, it’s pretty hard to floss your teeth. Without a means to capture a name and email address nothing happens.

This use to be a difficult process, but these days finding a page to capture names is fairly simple. You don’t need any technical skills. There are many done for you products out there.

Basically to capture names and email addresses you need a lead capture page.  Usually, the lead capture page offers the potential subscriber something of value in exchange like a free report that solves an immediate problem, a cheat sheet, or a checklist or video.

Fail proof headlines

Some people like to write their own lead magnet as these free reports are called. If you have the skill and talent for writing go for it.

However, that’s not necessary.

As you can see to your left this sample of a Lead Capture Page (LCP) offers a report and a place to sign up with name and email address.

The name is then captured in your autoresponder this is important.  You need to make sure any LCP you use goes to your autoresponder.

To make it even simpler you can become a member of Your Viral List and have access to over one hundred lead capture pages all set up and ready for you to use.

Click here to sign up and get a ready made lead capture page.

The Second  Essential List Building Element is The Mechanics of List Building.

The mechanics of list building These are the tools most people associate with List Building

An Autoresponder. If you don’t have one I suggest either of the two below. Both have free trials as a way of trying out the service before you commit. 

Get Response


A Tracking Service. Tracking your results helps you focus on what is working for you. I’ve done this to build a list of safelists and mailers that convert really well for me. 

I recommend as the easiest tracker to use with all the features you need.

Click here to get your Free Trial

A Lead Capture Page.

I’ve already talked about Your Viral List as the easiest way to go. 

You Viral List

The challenge with the mechanical elements is learning how to use the program to maximum benefit.

A little bit of patience and persistence is all that’s needed to conquer these elements. However, most good programs offer excellent video tutorials coupled with responsive chat lines where you get help on anything.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Believe me, a real non-techie, I can’t tell you, (I won’t because it’s embarrassing) how many times I’ve called on the good people at Aweber and Get Response to show me how to do very basic things.

After a while using these programs you’ll start thinking of yourself as an expert ready to help someone else.

Which brings me to:

The Third Essential List Building Element: Building Relationships.

Building Relationships in List BuidlingRelationship building is about learning to apply best email marketing practices, engaging your list to find out what their problems are so you can offer solutions and ultimately sell solutions to your list to generate income for your business.

Trial and error, experimentation and studying the masters are qualities that will help you in this area of list building.

What marketers do you follow? Are they doing a good job of building a relationship with you? As you look around online you will notice the marketers who are building a relationship. Examine what they are doing and copy it as best you can. Even better connect with them. Amazingly, you’d be surprised how many marketers are more than willing to help.


Here is a good simple article written, on the subject of building relationships with your list, by Tracey Lawton: Build Your Relationship With Your Subscribers With These 7 Simple Ways.


“You don’t want a huge list.  You want an engaged list….the gold isn’t in the list anymore, it’s in the engagement.”  Scott Stratten.

Therefore, as the quote says when it comes to lists it is not the size of the list but the engagement of the list that counts.

Most importantly, remember while list building may be like flossing, something you sometimes don’t feel like doing, learning to use these essential elements of list building every day will help you develop an engaged and profitable list.


What is your biggest challenge in using these elements effectively?

© Kerri Foster

One thing that I am using that is bringing me results and builds my email list is Funnel X Project.

This funnel is set up to help me earn from four different income streams at one time.  It builds your list first then has video directions in it to help people to set it up.

It also makes sales for you with a video sales presentation built in.

This system is currently making sales for me daily.  You have nothing to lose give it a try today.

The funnel itself is worth $999.00 And is Available For a limited Time  Get the Funnel for Free Today!!!

For tips on how to set up your funnel, you can read my article

5 Simple Marketing Funnel Mistakes New Marketers Make




Five Effective Strategies for Working From Home Productively

Working from home can be a challenge. But part of the dream of building an online business is to do away with the commute, or the need to be away from home 5 or 6 days a week. Or just to be closer to the family. I’m not sure what your home is like but mine borders on chaos most of the time. So I had to come up with some effective strategies to make working from home productive while reducing distractions as much as possible. I know that your situation is unique. We all have unique situations. Perhaps all of my strategies won’t work for you, but I hope enough of them do, or they spark unique strategies to fit your set of circumstances,

1 Creating You Office Space

Home Work Space Depending on your situation having your own space to work from is critical for your productivity and organization. It could be like this one tucked into a small corner in a room or using a large closet or clearing a corner in that overfilled garage. This gives you the psychological advantage of having an actual “place” to go where you do your work. It also gives you a space to keep all your tools for working online, including any hard copy files, and your computer. This saves on time and effort.  If you are using the kitchen table once everyone is out of the house, you need to clear off the surface them got fetch all the items you need to get to work. This can be a big disincentive to actually getting to work. Without that workspace to go to each day, it can create a huge disincentive and create procrastination things you want to avoid if your time online is to be productive.

2 Set a Start Time Each Day

Schedule a timeThis falls under the category of discipline. If you are used to going to a job or still do, working from home can seem quite liberating, until you realize you’ve spent the whole day outside gardening, or baking, or shopping! That’s why you need to set a start time to be at your home office. Obviously, this could change from day to day. If you have a job outside the home and you have different start days, it would be beneficial to put a start time in your calendar to remind you what time you need to be at your home office. The more you treat working from home just like any other business or job the better your results are going to be. Make the time you spend at your home office realistic. Unrealistic plans can be counterproductive. When you first start doing this you might find it a bit of a juggling act. But stick to it. Even if you don’t always sit down when you plan to, be persistent in setting the time you will be at your desk. Failing to use this strategy can often lead to the loss of the vision you had when you decided working from home in your own business would be the answer to living a life of your dreams.

3 Set an Agreement with Family Members

Family agreementsIt’s best to set that scheduled time to be at your home office around a time when you are less likely to face family interruptions. But you also need to get an agreement with family members. Set some basic parameters or rules. If you plan to work for two hours each evening after dinner, then get the family to buy into that. Explain the reasons this time is important to you…and to them. See if you can’t get a voluntary agreement, rather than just laying down an authoritarian rule that has to be followed! Flexibility is a key here. But beware, flexibility can quickly become an excuse for not doing the important work of building your business dream online. First set the standard, be strict with yourself an family or you will never get this idea of your special time to sink in. Once the family understands how serious you are about respecting your hours in your home office, then you can allow yourself to be flexible in taking part in a spur of the moment family events.

4 Set Daily Goals for Your Online Activity While Working From Home

Write Out Your GoalsDreams need to be big, but goals are the opposite. They need to be small manageable steps you can accomplish within a comfortable time frame that move you closer to that big dream. The rule of thumb is never to focus on more than three goals each day. If you have limited time you might focus on accomplishing one step in an overall larger plan. However, you set goals for yourself, be sure to write them down. Writing down a goal is the first basic step in accomplishing it. Click here to see a great article

5 Allow for the Unexpected

Bend don't breakWorking from home an be a dream come true. Using the strategies I’ve outlined above will definitely help you make the transition from working outside the home to working productively in your home office. However, the unexpected will happen no matter how prepared you are. Be willing to bend in the face of some unexpected circumstance. Adhering to a schedule when things have gotten out of hand isn’t good from your sanity. Sometimes it’s been to just go with the flow than try to resist. You’ll know when these events happened. Always be wary that you are not using events as excuses. But flexibility is a marketing skill that will serve you well over the long run.
“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo survives by bending in the wind. ”  Bruce Lee
Working from home has been a blessing for me, allowing me to spend more time with family while also allowing me to build an online business from home. While I’ve suffered through some frustrations there is nothing to compensate for working from home. Following these 5 strategies will help you make that transition or help you improve your productivity while working from home. ©  Kerri Foster   One thing that I am using that is bringing me results and builds my email list is Funnelx Project. This funnel is set up to help me earn from four different income streams at one time.  It builds your list first then has video directions in it to help people to set it up.  It also makes sales for you with a video sales presentation built in.  This system is currently making sales for me daily.  You have nothing to lose give it a try today.  The funnel itself is worth $999.00 Get the Funnel for Free Today!!! For tips on how to set up your funnel, you can read my article

5 Simple Marketing Funnel Mistakes New Marketers Make